Since 1992, our organization has played a modest role in developing such international exchange. In the beginning, ATS Vacations was established in 1992 to facilitate the promotion, marketing, and operation of United States destination travel for the international travel industry.



When we think of taking a vacation, we often think about the pleasures of an island paradise... the luxury of a world class ocean-liner... and the often inconvenient and time-consuming travel planning and reservation process! This concern can be multiplied many times over for your client's company's business travel coordinator who has to jungle between an often inflexible meeting schedule and the company's travel budget restrictions.

As a premiere tour & hotel wholesaler, our role is to help you through the process of planning your client's travel, booking your reservations, and making sure your client's dreams of the perfect vacations or the productivity of their next business trip will not get spoiled during the planning and reservation stages. Our professional and courteous travel consultants are dedicated to each and every tour company & travel agency, whether searching for the lowest air fare, booking hotels at wholesale rates, or counseling the prospective cruise passenger with itinerary and cabin selection on many luxury cruise-lines available today.
Whether your client's need is for business or pleasure, our aim is to provide you with excellent service, up-to-date information, and quality travel products.


"We can be your key to stress-free traveling"